The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1914 Dodge Hanscom Popular Edition

As you can see, my copy is very worn on the spine. But inside…inside the art is still very well intact. The artwork is attached to the pictures rather than printed on. It is holding up rather well!

Adelaide Hanscom, the artist, was quite an interesting woman. The artwork is of photo-illustrations, a blend of the two mediums. It has this realistic yet…mystical look to it. The art is not the most bold to ever feature in a Rubaiyat, but it was bold for the time and it has some ethereal element that causes it to stand out.

Update 03/2020: More history was learned regarding Adelaide Hanscom and her editions, please see the 1905 edition

Update 07/2023: Updated the layout, tweaked page copy, added pictures.

The Book Itself

The Poetry

Looks to be the fifth edition of the text.

The Illustrations