The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1905 Dodge Florentine Fleece Leather Edition

This small 1905 copy from the Dodge Publishing Company has a shimmering leather cover. The leather has a wavy texture and is mostly black with splotches of brown. My copy comes in a box with a protective jacket. I am not clear whether the box/jacket are original to this edition. The box has a label that says Florentine (Classics?) Florentine Fleece Leather. I looked up both the leather/Florentine Classics and didn’t really find much to relate to this edition. Due to the box’s label, I am calling this the Florentine Fleece Leather edition to distinguish it from other 1905 Dodge copies related to Hanscom.

Because like this other 1905 Dodge edition, it does contain a piece of art by Adelaide Hanscom, however, it’s just one study called the Angel of the Darker Drink and it’s above the copyright. I don’t consider this edition having illustrations as a result.

It’s a very pretty copy that feels like a good amount of craft went into it.

The Book Itself

The box is this off white color and the protective jacket looks aged. The label on the side of the box is partially worn off so the full meaning cannot be discerned. It’s a very small edition.

The Poetry

Fourth editon text.