The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1946 Heritage Press Arthur Szyk Edition

This 1946 Heritage Press edition has art from Arthur Szyk, and it seems this might have been the edition that first contained it, given what this very similar Easton Press edition with his art says. For more context over the relationship between these presses, please see the history section below.

Regardless, this is a very pretty edition that has, except for the case, held up very well over time.

The Book Itself

The case it came in is pretty much shot: It has broken apart. Despite its poor condition, it still fits together to protect the book (it fits together because it is broken into two pieces that interlock).

The Poetry

First edition text.

The Illustrations

History/Information Sourcing

This Harry Ransom Center article explains the history of the Heritage Press, George Macy Companies, Inc., and the Easton Press. This no doubt explains why this Easton Press edition has a very similar interior and its copyright references the Heritage Press.