The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
~1930s (?) De Luxe Editions Sullivan

Plain Rubaiyat copy with an orangish board cover. Interior is nothing new compared to other similar Edmund J. Sullivan editions. It is a large size compared to other Rubaiyat editions.

Not sure if there’s any relation to this ‘De Luxe Edition’ from Garden City Books, they don’t seem to share anything. It might just be because of the size of the copy.

The interior looks basically the same as the other Edmund J. Sullivan copies on the website. Type, content, etc. This Three Sirens Press one especially serves as a good comparison.

The Book Itself

Orangish peach board cover, mildly shiny spine.

The Poetry

Same type as other editions…nothing new to say.

The Illustrations

What else can I say about Edmund J. Sullivan that I haven’t already said? His artwork is wonderfully bizarre!