The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1921 Crowell Brangwyn Complete Edition

This thick 1921 ‘Complete Edition’ from the Thomas Y. Crowell Company has a few (four total) illustrations from Frank Brangwyn. This excerpt from the publisher’s note explains its goal well:

“In a word, the text and editorial matter of all five of the original printings (with other helps) are here included in one volume in the sincere effort to present not simply another edition, but the best possible edition of the Fitzgerald Rubaiyat yet published.”

It is indeed a very comprehensive edition in terms of content.

The copy I have is in poor condition, but I did some repairs on it.

Update 10/2023, less than a week after originally posting: Added repair info & pictures.

Update 12/2023, fixed fifth edition caption/file name as it incorrectly said the third quatrain was on it.

The Book Itself

The Poetry

The Illustrations

I rotated the photos so they are oriented properly (i.e. landscape) to the viewer.


The repairs were done by myself with glue and super cloth from Gaylord (I also used a bone folder from them too to smooth the spine-leather onto the cloth). I am still very much an amateur at this, but it turned out well enough. The cover and a few pages were basically not connected to the rest of the book…and now they are because of the super cloth and the glue holding them together. The leather is still flaky/disintegrating, but it is more stable.