The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
~1910s Harrap Pogany Ballantyne Press Edition

This George G. Harrap/Willy Pogany edition, printed by the Ballantyne Press, distinguishes itself with the bold ‘Presented by Willy Pogany’ cover subtitle and its luscious red cover. The Pogany artwork and poetry type is stunning in this edition. It’s very aesthetically similar to my limited edition Harrap-Pogany copy so no surprise I’m in love with it. No exact date is given for it, but there’s an inscription dated 1918 so I’m putting it in the 1910s bucket.

This Rubaiyat copy was acquired from a visitor. It was originally owned by her mother, Tina Francis. Thank you for sharing this copy!

The Book Itself

The red cover and binding may be falling apart, but the interior is effectively pristine. I am a sucker for this style. I just can’t help but be drawn in by its ornate aesthetic.

The Poetry

The ink is so strong and bold. I’m really shocked at how stunning the color is in this copy. It’s retained its brightness and potency extraordinarily well.

The Illustrations

Willy Pogany’s art is preserved beautifully in this copy. The art plates have such a crisp quality to them.

History/Information Sourcing

The history of the Ballantyne Press is interesting…it’s tangled with the author Walter Scott. It lingered into the early 1900s. Sources: Artunderwraps and this page on a Walter Scott centric site.